Target Ball Throwers

Target Ball Thrower 001 Target Ball Thrower 002 Target Ball Thrower 003
1. Wm. Card of Cazenovia, N.Y., was a prolific inventor of ball traps and clay discs but, I'm aware of no target balls from him. Some Card traps threw two balls at a time. 2. I know of two of these clunky, wood-base traps. These traps have little power. 3. Another variation of a Card trap. Most traps had leather attached to the metal cup to help prevent premature breakage when the ball is being launched.
Target Ball Thrower 004 Target Ball Thrower 003  
4. This trap, likely a Huber trap, is very similar to a Bogardus trap. Note that this trap, unlike Nos. 1 and 3, still has its original leather ball holder sewn around the metal ring. 5. This English trap, painted red, carries no identification as to its maker. This trap is from your editor's collection and took me about five years to acquire, but at least one other is known in England.